Onsite Services Included

Foods: 2 lunches 1 dinner 1 breakfast 
Understand what are the foreign friends expecting for authentic local culinary while staying at our Paddy Home? The answer is very simple but very delicious. The foods and ingredients are very fresh, the local cook  never been in proper culinary training courts, they are just started cook everyday meals since was small and cooking ability had upgrade by manage cooking big feast to treat the guest whenever family have event. Experienced lunch and dinner you would understand a partly what do Vietnamese ordinary meals. 

Morning martial art 
Since the country was born, Vietnam have been undergone so many resistance war to protected the country, those invincible people had learned how to defend the nation from invaders by strong body and great spirit, so training martial art is one of crucial excises in very day.  Vietnamese martial art philosophy is improve health and help to push back evil, it’s very important ethic code for martial art study. Morning getup, our master will teach and training you some basic Vietnamese martial move before breakfast that will take place right in front court yard. 

Deep foot in medicine hot water. 
Back in the old day, the Vietnamese people only applied traditional therapy by using natural herbs and for taking in precaution of decease by treating them self every day with hot herb leaf water. Let’s imagine return to Paddy Home from rice field, feeling a bit tire sit down next to the swimming pool deep the foods in to the wooden sink with warm herb leaf water, enjoy tea or beer that would be beautiful.
Bike ride, farming and fishing. 
Ride on the bike enjoy slow paddling on village’s lane, cross rice paddy field cheer out with local people are working on the field, if you don’t mind, park the bike come down to their rice plot for having fun by try out some farming and fishing activities