Luc Hon Ethnic Village Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

Nature favor a great landscape for ethnic minority people in northeast of Vietnam, Cao Thang and Khe O villages of the Dao Thanh Y ethnic people In Binh Lieu district Quang Ninh Province.  It amazingly situated on milder of the mountains that embrace by meandering streams in Luc Hon commune, it beautiful as beautiful as a picture. That has been proved through photographers's vision, adventure travellers from all over the country to this place.

Each season, Cao Thang and Khe O villages have their own unique features. But perhaps the best is watering season in August, when terraced fields be fill up the water, already for replanting rice. Meandering terrace fields are undulating stones from big and small, it’s like little boys are waiting for their mothers. In late afternoon when temperature is getting cooler, artistic photos shoots of buffalo plowing and cultivate rice on fertile land plots for promising a new good harvest season. Remarkable mountain country side picture is children are playing in the fields waiting for their father to come home. All create the scenery of a peaceful life 

Distinctively of this region is 100% of the Dao Thanh Y ethnic inhabitant, they are very friendly and hospitality, travel to this place the visitor will definitely remember the homemade wine, specialty is the typical wines made out of potato, cassava, corn, they use that for first welcome drink to treat the guests

The golden time for travelling to Binh Lieu is October to November, recommended should not miss it. In this season on the amazing terraced fields the rice turning from green to yellow be really for harvesting, it’s stretching around the endless winding hills. It has become the inspiration of many photographers and tourists to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy the feel of fresh air on the highland village.

Traditional house here are also a highlight, this unique feature the visitors should not missing to explore when coming to this place. The houses is evidence time through bricks, tile roofs covered with green moss. If traveller still wondering to get there and would like to know about homestay facilities please CONTACT US or hotline: 0965898698