Fishing On Ngo River

And fortunately for all who are intrigued by this premise, Paddy Home Dong Trieu will take you to beautiful landscape rivers in the region, one that has supplied many households with a daily meal for hundreds of years, in which to fish and enjoy some boating. The tour will provide you with a wide range of experiences; from time-honored fishing techniques, to learning to paddle traditional Northern bamboo basket boats along the Ngo River ensuring the most memorable of experiences.

This tour also allows for cycling about the river and the surrounding villages and will take you to some of the best viewpoints in the area, perfect for taking those unrivaled snaps which will be unique to your Vietnam holiday.

Activity duration: 3 hours and can be run from two persons. Private group tours available upon request

Tour included:

English speaking guide

Boats for boating

All fishing equipment

Life jackets

Bike with helmets

Lunch including drinks (beer, wine, soft drink, and water)