Don Cao, The French Colonist Military Base In Dong Trieu-Quang Ninh Province

Don Cao Monument situated in the highest position of the center of Dong Trieu town. Don Cao is located in an artery route from Chi Linh, Hai Duong to Uong Bi Quang Ninh, from Kinh Mon, Hai Duong via Trieu ferry to Dong Trieu. From this station, the French army can observe and detect targets from the North to the South and from the East to the West of the town. Therefore, after the invasion of Vietnam, in 1896, the French colonialists organized an army camp here to support the war for exploiting the mineral resources in Dong Trieu. In 1945, Viet Minh had the victory and held the control for a while.

On the morning of June 8, 1945, Don Cao was captured by the Fourth Quarter army under the command of Lieutenant General Nguyen Binh, opening the August Revolution climax in the whole region. The insurgency came from Bac Ma pagoda, after conquering this army base then concentrated at Ho Lao communal house. Here, on behalf of the Central Government, Lieutenant General Nguyen Binh declared the establishment of Tran Hung Dao resistance zone, also known as the Fourth war zone.

In 1947, the French colonialists returned and opened major battles to reoccupied Dong Trieu, they extended to build the reinforce the system of guard tower posts to get there, in order to capture and control local arm forces. By May 7, 1954, the Dien Bien Phu campaign was all over, French retreat, Don Cao was under the control of Vietnamese arm force.

Over a long period of time, the buildings of the Don Cao relic have been destroyed quite a lot, just remained only a few parts such as the houses of Quan Ba, the houses of the expeditionary troop’s house. In particular, torture center, Communist prisoner’s cells, artillery fields, bunker systems, underground tunnels, etc. The vestiges here are still important evidences marking an unforgettable historical period of the nation and Dong Trieu people.

On 24/5/2017, Don Cao relic was decided by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to issue a national historical monument number. In the future, Don Cao will be repaired and restored. This history attraction included in Vietnam Homestay activities while enjoy staying with our Paddy Home, it can be visited right in the afternoon of the first day or next day morning, it can be done by walking on foot or cycling up. Come here visitors will have a chance to learn such interesting stories and amazing panorama views surround regions.

This is Chu our local guide, he was born here in Doan Xa village. Have been dedicated to Vietnam tourism for more than 10 years, since PADDY HOME launched Vietnam Luxury Homestay services in operation, he returns to worked with a wish to show many the beauty of his homeland