Cycling Me Green

Cycle me Green will see all our guests cycling through beautiful villages and getting up close and personal with the locals and their unique culture. Stunning landscapes and amazing backdrops are guaranteed, as is the uniqueness of your impending rice farming experience.

This tour is completely hands-on and after your cycling tour, each guest will be immersed in the entire process of wet rice farming and cultivation. Farming clothes and boots will be distributed before you ‘leap in’ to the life of a farmer. And just like a farmer a cold beverage (or two) awaits to celebrate a ‘job well done’ at the conclusion of our tour.
Cycle me Green offers a fascinating insight into the traditional Vietnamese way of life and will leave all who do it with a fantastic and memorable experience.

Cycle me Green is perfect to do in combination with your Halong Bay experience.
Let PaddyHome Dong Trieu organize your perfect Halong/Eco combination.