Ba Vang pagoda a great religion site should be visit

Ba Vang Pagoda is imposing stand on the mountainside overlooking down the town and far view is Halong bay and paddy surround. Ba Vang is also had another name called Bao Quang Pagoda, meaning precious light. This religion site first built by wood in1706, under the reign of Le Du Tong king. Within over 300 years of history, this pagoda is full of the historical and spiritual elements for pilgrims from across the country and recently this attraction is listed on Vietnam travel itinerary

Located at the valuable place of Uong Bi city, a bit away view in front of the pagoda is a nice meandering river, the back base on the mountain, the two sides are the green pine forest.

Ba Vang Pagoda is an eye-catching architect style where contain so many interesting religion philosophies, this spot should be recommended for 3 Days 2 Nights Halong bay tours,

Interesting story relate to this religion site

In 1987, a local farmer lost a herd of cows. He spend many time looking for it in the meantime, always prays to God for saving it. One night, in his dream, he saw Buddha wore the silver beard, Buddha told him to get to the mountain of Ba Vang, and you will find your cattle. Despite half believing he still determined to follow the path, but finally he found a wide surface, stumbled, he discovered the stairs of brick leveling. Returned to inform the villagers. And at this moment, the herd cows returned home completely as if nothing happened.

Thanks to the random, the villagers in close by region came and found the artifacts such as stone incense bowl made out of monolithic stone. Incense shape is the rectangle with a height of 1m 45, 0.29 m wide, 0.25m thick. At the top of the incense stick is the lotus bowl; the stone was made in the Le dynasty (1706) with a size of 0.70m, 0.45m wide, 0.14m thick on turtles 0.40m high, 0.94m thick, and 0.70m wide.

In 2007, the local authority get advice from monk master of Thich Truc Thai Minh – who was the chief of Yen Tu Monastery to in charge the Ba Vang pagoda. Standing in front of ruin pagoda, Venerable He suddenly got a strange feeling in the heart and make the well here normally dried up, suddenly filled the water again.

From the omen, Venerable has determined to rebuild the pagoda. With nothing from the beginning he still did with a strong belief with the magical thing, finally it because into being, with support from the Vietnamese government and great contribution from pilgrim in and out of the country, the pagoda is really beautiful and become a must-see place while travel to northeast of Vietnam.