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PaddyHome tours are designed to provide our guests the experience of Vietnam in a way that is real, authentic and unique. We want all our guests who join us on the tour to ‘live’ Vietnam with us.

Not only to walk away with memories that will last a lifetime but to also to get a fuller and more realistic impression of Vietnam and its people, one that is consistent with the reality of everyday life for the majority of people who live in this remarkable country.

3,5 hours Fishing & Boating tour

Daily welcome. Cost: $65 USD/person

Tour Details: What could be better than spending a couple of hours cycling through history drenched, time preserved villages and fishing, using long-established methods unique to Northern Vietnam? Not much really.

And fortunately for all who are intrigued by this premise, PaddyHome Dong Trieu will take you to one of the most amazing rivers in Northern Vietnam, one that has supplied many households with a daily meal for hundreds of years, in which to fish and enjoy some boating. The tour will provide you with a wide range of experiences; from time-honoured fishing techniques, to learning to paddle traditional Northern bamboo basket boats along the Ngo river and finally taking a ride on “Brett”, our robust and cheerful water buffalo – ensuring the most memorable of experiences.

This tour also allows for cycling about the river and the surrounding villages and will take you to some of the best view points in the area, perfect for taking those unrivaled snaps which will be unique to your Vietnam holiday.

Tour duration: 3,5 hours

Tour Runs:
Minimum two persons. Private group tours available upon request

Tour included:
English speaking guide
Boats for boating
All fishing equipment
Life jackets
Bike with helmets
Lunch including drinks (beer, wine, soft drink, and water)

Tour price:
$65 USD/1 Adult

$55 USD/1 Child (4-12)

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3,5 hours Farming & Cycling tour

Daily welcome. Cost: $60 USD/person

Tour Details: Cycle me Green is the ultimate farming and cycling tour; one which will provide unique experiences while offering plentiful opportunities to discover the real countryside of Northern Vietnam.

Cycle me Green will see all our guests cycling through beautiful villages and getting up close and personal with the locals and their unique culture. Stunning landscapes and amazing backdrops are guaranteed, as is the uniqueness of your impending rice farming experience.

This tour is completely hands on and after your cycling tour, each guest will be immersed in the entire process of wet rice farming and cultivation. Farming clothes and boots will be distributed before you ‘leap in’ to the life of a farmer. And just like a farmer a cold beverage (or two) awaits to celebrate a ‘job well done’ at our tours conclusion.

Cycle me Green offers a fascinating insight into the traditional Vietnamese way of life and will leave all who do it with a fantastic and memorable experience.

Cycle me Green is perfect to do in combination with your Halong Bay experience.
Let PaddyHome Dong Trieu organise your perfect Halong/Eco combination.

Tour duration: 3,5 hours

Tour Runs:
Minimum two persons. Private group tours available upon request

Tour Inclusions:
English speaking guide
Bike with helmet.
Farming clothes – boots, conical hat, gloves.
Lunch including drinks (beer, wine, soft drink, and water)

Tour price:
$60 USD/1 Adult

$50 USD/1 Child (4-12)

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At PaddyHome our goal is for all travellers to experience the unique culture, customs and way of living of the villagers living in and around Doan Xa.

As such all our equipment and facilities are uniquely local and we are very proud of that fact. Too many unique tours providers try to alter their product to suit their perceptions of what non-Vietnamese travellers desire. At PaddyHome we believe that local village life in Doan Xa is so special and unique and want to share that with the world.

Our bicycles for example are all sourced from bicycle maker “Thong Nhat” and are exact replicas of the bicycles that were ridden by locals in the days when agricultural cooperatives used to subsidize the village commune; bicycles which can be still seen all around the village to this very day.

All farming tools, irrigation equipment, fishing equipment, boats etc are all unique to Northern Vietnam and we have no doubt that each person who spends time with us will leave with experiences that will not be able to be replicated anywhere in the world.


This eco tour is also combined with a Halong Bay overnight cruise where you can relax whilst sailing through a landscape of amazing limestone rock formations that emerge from the emerald green waters. Cruising, kayaking, exploring … this a truly memorable experience.

3-Day Eco Tour/Halong-combined details
Full day paddy home eco tour

Experience life as a farmer, pick or plant rice, irrigate the fields in the traditional way, catch fish, paddle a boat up the Ngo river, ride a water buffalo, cycle through the most amazing ‘un-touched’ countryside in Northern Vietnam before sitting down to enjoy a meal and drinks

Full Day Eco Tour details