About PaddyHome & Location

The founders of Paddy Home have been working in Vietnam’s tourism industry for an extended period of time- , probably since Vietnam tourism just began opening, and they are all university graduates, who are passionate about their region and the countryside of Vietnam.
We deeply understand and respect the authenticity and value of our tradition culture, and actively want to preserve and develop the beauty of our traditional culture features in sustainable way –for our families and for our Guests.

In recent years, Vietnam’s economy has changed dramatically. Rapid changes such as of modernization and industrialization have greatly impacted upon regional and local culture in cities and in rural areas.

Deeply concerned with such changes, led to Paddy Home to be set-up as a business and to give direction, guidance and encouragement to local people to respect and preserve their own cultural values. By their own tour guiding experience they now realize the value of Vietnam amazing landscapes – from lush lowland rural areas, of beautiful mountain regions scattered throughout the red river delta, from North West to north east, central land down to Mekong delta in the south. The precious areas deserve protection and preservation.

So Paddy Home was born to look for opportunities to improve local villager’s living standards and to provide positive education on the impacts of tourism development and especially to provide international visitors a truly unique experience off the well-trodden tourist track.

The adage, “today’s good physical need is tomorrow’s necessity”, is holding true with tourism. As Vietnam local tourists and international traveller’s lives have become busier, there is increased need to retreat from the ‘daily grind’ to experience tranquillity and peace in the country-side with high quality facilities in a home stay accommodation. Enjoy relaxing and interacting with simple life of local people in a beautiful rural region, Paddy Home packages are highly recommended to retreat from the frenetic pace of daily life – even if only for a little while.

We provide practical and reasonable tailor-made tours that include overnight stay(s) at Paddy Home. Here you can participate in some farming activities, cycle off the beaten track or just amble through the country-side.

In addition, we are committed (received a group a day Set, – unsure of meaning or context of this Jacky??) Training disadvantaged young local people in tourism and hospitality service. This provided revenue and employment to local communities and gives our guests a more intimate view of the way of life in rural Vietnam.

We design and adapt our trips to respond to our guests’ specific interests. We cater for all ages.
Our guests’ days are rich with experiences and activities. From the different modes of transport to the paths we travel and the relaxed pace, everything we do brings our international guests closer to the local culture and our beautiful natural thereby ensuring a memorable holiday experience of Vietnam

Paddy Home’s guides, staff and house owners are professional, friendly, enthusiastic, patient, experienced, and passionate about Vietnam and its people. We are committed to travel that minimizes negative impacts and promotes positive effects on the local population and the environment. Our travel group’s size is small – with a maximum of ten people only.

Sustainable tourism attempts to have a minimal impact on the environment and the local culture of local villagers. We strive to help generate future employment for local people and services. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and for the tourists themselves.