Our Business Ideal

Family stories have been told many time by grandmother that make Tan, the founder of Paddy Home imaged about, how beautiful of culture environment and wealth lifestyle of great grandfather in the pass. So an ideal is rebuild traditional houses to host foreign guests was born. The construction from the entrance gate to court yard and sanctuary chamber are reminding the remarkable traditional Vietnamese culture features, all of that make it more beautiful by lush and well organize garden surround. The design of the bed room is selected typical delicacy of real Vietnamese traditional interior atmosphere, and equipped high quality facilities would host the guest in comfortable stay is like sweet bed at home. 

  • It located in between Hanoi and Halong bay, so take advantage of location, PADDY HOME offer beautiful cozy boutique accommodation that combine with some tour activities on the rice filed, it help visitors can take Halong bay cruise tours combine with go off beaten track for exploring what is real Vietnam.

  • About Mr Trường Vũ
  • Mr Vu (Tan’s Father, the founder of PADDY HOME) was born and grew up in this village of Doan Xa. Born in 1948 he left school early to heed the call of the country ‘to join the fight against foreign aggression’. As such in 1966, at the age 16 he enlisted in the army.  He was a part of the most renowned division of Northern Liberation Force 308; a group of smart and well trained soldiers who successfully fought and survived 3 of the biggest operations (1967, 1968 and 1972) in the American War.

  • When the war was over, he returned to Doan Xa village, sick of the terrible things that had occurred during the war to become a farmer.  However, Vietnam in the 1970s and 1980s saw the mass collectivization of farms and factories and this along with a subsidised economy made it very difficult to produce enough food for his wife and family.
  • Throughout this difficult economic period Mr Vu remained happy and optimistic and lived by the motto “do good things and good things will come to you’. Many years on he is extremely proud of his three sons, each have been able to obtain a university education, and he is enjoying a peaceful and happy life in his rural village.  To add to this Mr Vu loves nothing more than sitting to the early hours of the morning, sipping traditional rice wine and sharing stories with his guests.
  • Paddy Home was co- founded by Tan Vu with the aim of promoting and preserving the traditional Vietnamese way of life. Tan has been involved in the tourism industry for over 20 years, travelling extensively throughout Vietnam and abroad, but as a boy born and brought up in the country, he always enjoyed getting back home and spending time with family and being close to the land.
  • As a proud boy from Doan Xa, Tan’s aim in creating Paddy Home was to provide tourists with an authentic experience, one that would not only thoroughly engaged and enthralled those who experienced it, but which simultaneously provided opportunities for local villagers to protect and promote Vietnamese cultural and societal values.
  • The visit may be short but the memories and experiences you have whilst with us will last a lifetime