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Come to ‘Paddy Home’ you will journey to and spend time in beautiful rural areas of Vietnam; areas which up to now have been the preserve of local people only. Once you arrive and check in to your Vietnamese accommodation style where you will be presented with a number of delightful options. Choose to spend some time rambling, walking, cycling, famring, fishing or simply strolling through the local village surrounds or alternatively you may choose to absorb the local culture by sipping on some tea or sharing a meal with one of the local families. Either way ‘Paddy Home’ offers a unique stand alone tourist experience or a great addition to any extended Holiday to Halong bay

PaddyHome Activities

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At PaddyHome Activities our goal is for all travellers to experience the unique culture, customs and way of living of the villagers living in and around Doan Xa.

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PaddyHome Homestay

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Travelers who choose to spend the night with PaddyHome are in for a real treat. Dong Trieu is one of the most beautiful rural areas in Vietnam and our accommodation sees our guests housed in traditional Vietnamese homesteads all with traditional terracotta roofing.

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As a proud boy from Doan Xa, Tan aim in creating PaddyHome was to provide tourists with an authentic experience, that would not only have all thoroughly engaged and enthralled, but at the same time providing opportunities for local villagers to interact and promote Vietnamese cultural and societal values.

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PaddyHome Tours

Our tours are designed to provide our guests the experience of Vietnam in a way that is real, authentic and unique. We want all our guests who decide to ‘live’ Vietnam with us. To not only walk away with memories that will last a lifetime but to also take impressions of Vietnam that are consistent with the reality for the majority of people who live in this remarkable country.

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